About us

By your charity we will create for all of us!

First off, I am not alone. We are a small but very competent team and some of us have been working together since 1997. We have a long list of inventions all of which denominate either robin-hood technology or something profound and environmentally sustainable. Our purpose is to create and implement free, non-profit, opensource or public domain stuff.

The lead is Michael Toudal – An entrepreneur from Denmark born on June 24, 1976. His drive comes from natural curiosity, tech, cool gadgets, particular affinity to learn, ability to develop and adopt qualitative innovative solutions. Michael’s professional experience is based on decades of entrepreneurship, research and hard work on business software and firmware. Michael has been engaged in the financial sector and prestigious projects as a consultant. In addition Michael have made two successful business exits but have yet to capitalize talents. The first business exit closing in 2021 and the second in 2028. As such, we have no money. That is why the team is unable to change the world without your help.

Michael's specialties: 
Excellent broad based business function knowledge
A savvy track record of challenging & successful project delivery
Detailed knowledge of I/T infrastructure and technologies
Doctores in enterprise resource planning and efficiency tools

Team members

The three others:

The architect
The autistic
The education

We are rebuilding an old idea. Help us make and support the creation of deliverables we need to make it happen!