Build Sustainable

Taking responsibility for living a sustainable life also means taking responsibility for building well.

When we talk about sustainability in nature, we often talk about ecosystems. We observe what happens to the hole when a organism in the value chain is threatened, and how systems can fail if key influencers thrive, suffer or disappear from the equation. Keeping all life cycles on our planet running is a basic necessity, if we are to eliminate threats to our future world. This also include how we organize our urban city environments whether it be on land or under water — it’s those we’ve built ourselves, our homes, our transportation, our satellites … our dog houses.  

This blog is by consultant Michael Sebastian Toudal, Denmark’s first rebel, on what it means to make a building green and what type of infinity game we must take on to make life future-proof.

What is enough?

The collective life purpose must be to have lived a creative life while leaving behind a sustainable footprint. According to this we all should eating tons of herbs and live in tipi’s or underground as building smart without mechanical parts provide ample access to air, water, light, temperature, sound and encourage movement as nourishment for the mind. We need to take ten steps backwards af. Imagine something as simple as refurbed containers placed in a circle with a transparent roof to create a common area and floors to create a space to socialize. Maybe there is no kitchen as food is organized for studying citizens. This is a dream location for anyone on a mission. When we realize we are all powerful beings within, our priorities turn to the bare necessities like warmth, recognition, security, internalization, learning, expression and logic.

What is well?

The definition of building an Ecological Building is that the structure is designed to create and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with all of the elements of its local ecology. As such some of our planets greatest accomplishments the wonder of our pyramids are just that. Eco-friendly literally means earth-friendly not harmful to the environment. That is not how we build today. We build with resources from all over the world and we, as humans, always enjoyed details. Today we know that all of nature is sentient and if we had the ears for it we would hear the trees scream in pain when we cut them and the pain of our mother would knock us out. Our land does not belong to us but we have taken possession and call it owned purchased by the right numbers either via a loan, cash or a mix of both. That is where the trouble starts. In principle anything we purchase can be measured by energy. Have you ever planted a tree? If so, which sort, where, why, and is it still there? Society ensure us to build perfectly according to law because that is well building. Why not Igloos dug into the ground as winter gardens with solar panels to manage ventilation systems. I’m just saying, in our backyard we are allowed to build snow castles anyway we want. Some companies even build huge eccentric ice hotels. One of the biggest business cases is to commune with nature while making a profit. People are waking up and planting trees the first trend and a way to deal with our symptoms.

~ By their education, our children must teach us to do what we should have done long time ago. ~

How to measure?

First we must agree what carries importance. Do we measure the amount of wildlife impacted from where the material was brought in or is it the improved quality of life for given species that is important. This last phrase can be read in so many ways that is why definition is 90% of any challenge as we are many and we all have different starting points and focus from different perspectives towards different directions.

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