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Visitors from exotic places

Denmark Anders Holch Povlsen never visited any of my pages. If he did, I wish he would contact me. I am brilliant. I can relate. I have insights. I am willing to share my energy. Lotte thinks he would like what I would say. I would offer Anders my friendship if we ever were to […]

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Shop sustainable

Money is not what makes us happy. There are five things that are important, everything else is just details. A key to the feeling of successful purpose and happiness is to eat a healthy varied diet made from unspoiled local produce. We can all long rich lives if we work together. We are in danger […]

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About us

By your charity we will create for all of us! First off, I am not alone. We are a small but very competent team and some of us have been working together since 1997. We have a long list of inventions all of which denominate either robin-hood technology or something profound and environmentally sustainable. Our […]

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