Sustainable Habitats

ECO habitations as sustainable cities and human settlements

When I learned Bill Gates had donated money to battle malaria and realized his generous contributions was the reason why we had released gene modified mosquitoes into nature. I lost all respect for the man. That is simply the most horrible way to go around solving a problem. We are not God nor do we have access to an artificial intelligence to help us. We, as the human monkey, are unable to simulate and therefore have no real clue as to what the implications of this kind of eco turbulence will be over time but what’s done is done.

My question is really this; Why didn’t he ask entrepreneurs to invent or betatype something smart. Give us a conundrum to crunch. Setup a competition and then create the best ideas in the pool if any. It makes problem solvers happy and some of us are really good at coming up with simple solutions to big issues. Start-up entrepreneurs cost a fraction of any industry and we address the actual problem, not the symptoms, unlike how it is done in capitalism today. If capitalism create a dangerous byproduct in some industrial type production the conglomerates sell it off to one of their other companies either to hide or to use as poison or alike by the thesis let’s use the evil, it must be good for something.

This way of running in circles will never give incitement to think critically whether we need to create the byproduct in the first place nor how to avoid it. In addition this way of going about problem solving never destroys money and the super rich like that because the super rich are hoarders by nature.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt hired the greatest thinking minds to resolve national issues. Why don’t our governments do the same to evolve our countries. We would break unhealthy value-chains and grow our society to be civilized. Why do we even follow the rich and powerful 10.000. They profit from our misery and we live in modern times, do we not?

Winter gardens

When I initially wrote this blog I begun dealing with all the different topics that needed to be addressed in order to construct sustainable human settlements but realized each of these topics had to cover innovative inventions and so much ground that it would take forever to finish the blog. Each of these topics will have to be a blog all on their own but I will list them below. Secondly I’m am very use to my network permanently borrowing my ideas not including me in the money harvest. I cannot let that happen again as the price I paid has been far from worth it.

Besides or øøøø.org in Danish, is important for all of us and should not be capitalized by vampires, it’s my bloodchild, I’m broke in a unbroken way, ancient and genuinely exhausted for trying to jump the chasm. If you’re good at something, make sure to be getting proper payment for the invested time. Finally, I know I don’t have all the answers and lack practical expertise in many of the areas. If I could come up with perfect solution to everything right at the top of my lungs I would be Hermes and no other creative nor critical thinker would be my match. This is far from the case. I know my limitations yet I also understand with focus and time I can do and create just about anything, just as you can, dear reader.

The topics that each need thoughtful consideration and design innovation to create a self sustained decentralized sustainable habitat is electricity, air ventilation/quality, water cold/warm/clean, temperature cold/warm, humidity, transportation, surveillance, noice, sanitation, light, food and storage.

We’ve done it before

The key to making anything sustainable is to utilize as much machi-mechanics and as little electronics as possible and building underground is not new at all. Actually there are multiple sites where we all lived underground maybe before 10.000BC. The troglodyte cities at Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı are some of the best examples of underground dwellings along with the recently escavated Göbekli Tepe.

Ancient Underground City Derinkuyu in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey.


Ancient Underground City on the Territory of Historical Armenia.

Africa, the continent the world exploits

About a decade ago I was on my way to Africa as I had $’s in my pocket due to a recent business transaction. I was on my way to Africa because Africa, with a little lobbying, is perfectly susceptible to these kinds of innovations but also that we would, in my country, have issues with national construction laws building underground. This is also why we call subterranean housing for winter gardens…as it’s not housing although you would be able to find me there, in a hammock looking up at the stars, dreaming up some crazy idea at mostly every hour of any day.

Due to event in my personal life, I fell in love, I never got as far as Africa but I will still wager my left eye I can get potatoes to grow in the dessert. Seriously. It doesn’t even cost more than a good sum of $millions to change an entire desert to become green. The idea is simply as such that water put in an elevated pipe will flow the length of the pipe at no cost. That means if you place a pipe let’s say in southern Namib and lead it deep into the dessert water would vaporize and humidity would rise.

The desert has a huge difference in temperature between night and day as such the water would condense and provide local fresh water moist. In addition moist sand does not wander the same way as dry sand and a huge problem would be solved automatically. If the pipe was big enough it would also be possible to harvest sea animals and seaweed where the pipe ended. In addition a huge salt horst would be created. That would mean a community could be established deep in the desert and geoengineering could begin. Feces and seaweed would be mixed with sand and be utilized as fertile soil for seeds in the subterranean rooms as they are basically just holes in the ground with a glass roof. A closed ecosystem with stabilized temperatures ensures common pollinators would be able to thrive.

The consequence of making the Namib desert green would be that burning off the amazon would be devastating as the rainforest now would lack the sand particles the rainforest so desperately require to recover from the absurd human behaviour of torching for temporary farmland. Hence taming the sand would solve a problem on another continent! We would actually solve problems on every continent maybe except Australia hence the water would find it’s way down to our groundwater reservoir and slowly fill up. Our groundwater is one vast global network.  the Why don’t some country or a super rich help out saving our planet from the past few hundred years of destruction. I would if I had the money to spare! I mean it’s also a huge business case and in addition if we want to continue to steal resources and make money off the continent we need to give something back, right?


I’m not saying success of a humongous program like this would be implemented without complications but I’m saying it’s feasible to create and with the right engineering principles and effort a thing like this would actually work to make a huge difference the place on Earth where it makes the most sense. I do not discourage supporting charity organizations… I’m just saying charity organizations do charity wrong, just like the rich do rich wrong.


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